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Presently Dauer Group consists of 6 companies, offerings the wide spectrum of wares and services in the followings areas of activity:

  • metal-working
  • - BM Industrial;
  • building
  • - Belmast Būve;
  • electroinstallations
  • - Latgales Sakaru Serviss;
  • real estate
  • - DAUER Holding, Bell Invest, BM-Nams.

    A policy of holding is an effective management of assets, conquest of leading positions at the market and permanent control of quality of executable works on all stages of co-operating with users.

    News of holding

    SIA "Latgales Sakaru Serviss" together with others participants of CSDD Customer Service Center constructions project by the address 6 Eisenstein street, Riga awarded a diploma for the 1st place in the competition “The best building of the 2015 year in Latvia” in nomination “New public building”.
    and alarm systems
    Real estate
    Production of different build metal constructions, towers, masts, constructions for fastening of traffic-lights and road signs.
    Planning, building of shopping centers, ware-house and custom terminals, buildings of industrial and civil setting.
    Planning and professional editing of electric, telephone. cable networks and equipment.
    Sale, rent out, objects of the real estate - production apartments, offices. Property administration.
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